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Traits To Avoid In A Manager

Managing people in a work environment can be an incredibly difficult job. If you want to make sure you are getting the best out of your employees then you will need to have someone in place that is capable of motivating people as well as delegating the right job to the right person.
But what traits should you avoid when looking for a manager? Number one on our list would be poor communication skills. Communication is a vital skill for any manager if they want to get the best out of their employees, and that encompasses both their ability to listen and to speak. Managers need to listen to their employees feedback as often as possible in order to make sure no one is being overworked and unable to handle their workload. It also lets your employees know that you value their opinion and they aren’t being ignored.
Another key part of communicating is making sure your employees have clear expectations and goals that they can achieve. Without that guidance it can be difficult for an employee to know what exactly is expected of their behavior and work, and can lead to them spending hours working on something that isn’t relevant or important to the success of the business.
Inconsistency is another big issue that can prevent a manger from being effective. When employees think a manager is playing favorites with certain staff members it can de-motivate them and cause a rift amongst co-workers. Managers also need to be consistent in how they credit their success and failures. There are few things more frustrating for an employee than their manager taking all the credit for their success but accepting none of the blame when things go wrong.
Finding the right manager for the right role can be a tricky process, but for such an important position it is worth taking time to get it right.