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Why it’s important for CEO’s to have the final interview

Hiring new talent into a company is one of the biggest factors that can determine a company’s success, so it only makes sense that a CEO should have some input in the hiring process. Often though they are deemed to be too busy and the task is left to someone else. A company’s CEO should always be involved in the hiring process for important roles for 3 main reasons;

  1.     Company culture

A CEO is the person responsible for the company culture. It’s their job to set the tone with their values and work ethic, while everyone else follows thebuffir guidelines and example.  In order to maintain that culture the CEO must be involved in the final interview to make sure the new hire understand the company’s culture and is a good fit. This also benefits your potential candidate who may not end up being a good fit once they have a better grasp on how the company works.

  1.     Attract High Quality Candidates

When candidates go in for a job interview they usually expect to be interviewed by the manager of the role they’re applying for, not the CEO. Often this can show the candidate that you are very serious about hiring them and for a highly sought after candidate this could help get them over the line, convincing them that this is a company they want to be apart of.

  1.     Monetary Savings

Hiring the wrong candidate is one of the most expensive business decisions you can make, with estimates putting the cost at around 2.5 times that employee’s salary. Therefore it’s vital that you end up hiring the right person, and if the CEO’s input can increase the likelihood of the right decision being made then they must be involved.
Depending on the size of the company it may not always be practical to have the CEO’s input, but it is vital that they are included in the decision making process for important roles.