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Eugene's Journey – Transition into life at OCG

When asked to share my experience thus far, I was more than happy to participate. I joined OCG after having decided to leave my previous industry of Hospitality. I invested over 15 years into that International career as a department head and learned a great deal. Unfortunately that came to an end when I felt that it no longer made me happy. Isn’t that funny – how having passion in working in the people industry could make one feel so lonely somehow. Most importantly, I was missing a challenge. Something fresh, something where I knew my years of developed management and people skills could still be put to use and to the test. I had become increasingly interested in recruitment/HR because I felt that I was not in a position to shape the overall talent sphere from my limited control in my own department. I knew that I could put my years of people management to better use.
I spent weeks concerned about how difficult my change and transition into a new career would be.
Originally, I had applied for a role being recruited by Options Consulting Group. After an incisive and yet relaxed discussion with the Consultant I realised the role I had applied to was not really aligned with my interests however, far from terminating our discussions there and then, the Consultant began to explore other options that could align with my skills, experiences and career aspirations – A career in Recruitment Consulting was put onto the list of possible career moves.
In the past I had considered jumping into recruitment or Human Resources; however I held back due to impressions of the industry that deterred me. What put me off was that recruiters didn’t seem to care about the client / candidate mix, simply treating people as a number and wanting to make a quick dollar off commissions from the volume of placements made. I also felt that the HR system seemed too political, when in my eyes it really should be simpler – an informed approach to aiming for success through effective sourcing and placement and movement of people. I found that many organisations placed too much emphasis on candidate’s previous employment background as opposed to a culture fit to the business.
My interview process with OCG spanned a total of four meetings and with each meet-up, I felt more and more suited to the company culture. It is this sense of belonging that made it an easy decision. What put me at ease was the knowledge that I was entering an environment with supportive and very welcoming members. This is the real reason why I chose to make my move at this time and join OCG.
OCG is founded and run on guiding principles. The positioning statement ‘’facilitating growth in business through people’’ is everything the team strive for which is extremely refreshing. The fact that clients are referred to as partners and that we don’t focus on selling recruitment – we work in partnership to offer HR solutions is what I have wanted to be a part of.
And now I am.
I’m now three weeks in and I can confidently say I’m enjoying my new role. I am challenged, have a great deal to learn and have skills that are to be further developed – all points I mentioned in my interview that I wished to work on. My boss and CEO John (as well as my colleagues) have been extremely supportive. The culture of respect amongst one another, integrity and transparency is again something to be proud of. I feel as though I am learning from the best in the business off a business model that is a bible to the industry. Thanks for the warm welcome so far. I feel truly honored and can’t wait to build on the existing success of OCG.
Together, as a team.