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De Ja Vu? OCG Has Been Here Before

The Australian Bureau of Statistics in February 2019 announced the unemployment rate in Australia has fallen to a record eight year low. Terrific news for people who are looking for a job. However, there is a negative side to the unemployment rate reaching this low for businesses. Simply, there are more jobs than suitable people. This causes a deficiency in the number of candidates with the necessary skillset to aptly complete these jobs. The deficit in skills leaves hiring mangers scouring the candidate market, with capable candidates few and far between. Studies reflect this theory with the 2018 Conference Board CEO finding that “failure to attract and retain top talent” is now the No.1 issue on the minds of CEO’s.

Naturally, as the demand of suitable candidates increases so too does the desperation to fill these positions. An incorrect employee fit though can cost a company greatly. To ensure a seamless fit into a company culture behavioural and psychometric assessments can be used. These are not used as the definitive objective tool when hiring but can provide valuable information in the hiring decision. Options Consulting Group uses a variety of these assessments including:

  • Behaviour (D.i.S.C)
  • Motivation (Assess, Salesmax)
  • Personality (Assess)
  • Skills Competency (Assess)
  • Psychometric Testing (Assess, Ravens, Thurstone, Watson-Glaser)

Options Consulting Group has been operating since 1990, consistently attracting top talent in the executive, professional and technician division. Candidates know how we operate, that we empathise with them and work towards delivering successful outcomes for all stakeholders. Our confidence in our ability to attract the very best is underwritten by our 12 month Client/Candidate Guarantee.