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Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are creative, optimistic, energetic and impatient with ambitious and high expectations of their business enterprise and of the people they employ – but are they the most proficient leaders of people.

Impatience and high expectations usually manifests in poor internal communication, delegation, support and lack of clarity around accountability, authority and performance, leading to employee disgruntlement and turnover – can be an expensive outcome.

While there can be challenges for an entrepreneurial business leader, history is peppered with supremely successful companies founded by such leaders. The late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, had incredibly high expectations and was extremely demanding yet received amazing respect and loyalty from his employees.

Ringing any bells –  OCG has 30 + years of experience facilitating growth in business through people, guiding and supporting entrepreneurial business leaders build organisational cohesiveness and performance.

We need more entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs need us.