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No Motherhood Statements – Just Facts!

Business leaders are currently reviewing work structures, business strategies and resources to cope with immediate issues of business continuity and with an eye to the future. We have passed through working from home, modified work hours and remuneration adjustment phases and now we’re into redundancy and restructure phase.

For the foreseeable future, your employees will need emotional and wellbeing support, some will need career advice and effective strategies to secure their next job as a result of being made redundant.

There is also a third group – those you retain to drive your newly restructured business as we emerge from the current maelstrom of events and into what will undoubtedly be a whole set of new attitudes, behaviours and strategies for business sustainability and success.


Business leaders need to seriously consider the impact of decisions made and actions taken now on the morale and performance of those retained by the “new” business. Whilst some employees will be grateful to be retained, it’s highly likely they could be in new reporting relationships and interacting on a level of performance accountability with fellow employees only previously known on a social level. You will need the commitment and goodwill of everybody to re-set for business recovery therefore, attending to the new set of cultural behaviours and performance expectations is vital to achieving a smooth transition into the next business phase of your organisations sustainability and success.

Would you like to discuss in detail – OCG have the relevant programs and resources to assist with Employee Assistance Programs, Outplacement & Career Transition Support and Organisation Development strategies. We have been Facilitating Growth in Business through People since 1990.