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Modern Manufacturing: Skills and Capabilities Never More Important

Australian manufacturing is receiving a boost with the Federal Government’s 1.5-Billion-dollar modern manufacturing plan. Indeed, this modern-manufacturing push is backed by EY chief-economist Jo Masters, who says Australia needs to have an “outward outlook” to have a flourishing manufacturing sector.


The key to success for manufacturers will be having the right skills at the right time.


The movement towards science and technology in manufacturing is predicted to create as many as 500,000 ‘new collar’ jobs. This is an incredible opportunity to get Australians back into work and grow the prosperity of the nation.  From an employer’s perspective, finding individuals with newly created skills can be a daunting prospect.

You do not want to be allocating resources to a low potential/low performance business function and conversely, not allocating resources to a potential gem.

Below is a tool that can help you to align human-capital with strategy.  The 9-box grid is a simple yet effective tool that can assist with the first steps of planning skills and capabilities requirements.

As businesses are confronted with the prospect of running leaner, identifying business units that are performing or waning is critical for allocating resources.

Where this 9-box grid is more applicable to manufacturers today, is that business units in the changing business landscape are likely to change in their potential and performance. Paramount to ensuring a business unit remains at “star” level is to identify the technology adaptations that provide a competitive advantage.

Once these adaptations have been identified, a business must determine whether their employees have the potential to be trained with these new skills or the skills will have to be sourced externally.

Workforce Planning is an ideal solution to ensure businesses have the right people at the right time, aligning talent capabilities with strategic plans.

OCG is assisting Australian businesses with their Workforce planning strategy. If you would like to learn more about our solutions and whether they would be applicable to your business, please reach out via the contact details below.

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