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Career Transition in the Modern World

As little as 40 years ago people rarely changed careers or employers. Today the old corporate career ladder is rapidly morphing into a more latticed approach to career progression. Careers are not seen as separate from our lives. People are increasingly aligning careers and lifestyle choices when making decisions. The pandemic has accelerated this move especially in what we want to do and where we want to do it. Today, it is difficult to find anyone over 30 who has not had  two to three different roles across different organisations. Changes in management and organisational thinking, technology and people more prepared to take control of their career are some of the core influences driving change. Studies have shown that within the next 5 years 50% of the workforce will be on-demand workers across a wide spectrum of occupations. The best and most sought-after talent will be able to cherry-pick their engagements with companies.

We no longer look for the organisation to manage our careers – we have taken this responsibility on ourselves. Over the past decade organisational restructures have left many people being made redundant, looking for roles and seeking to reposition themselves in their careers. What we were use to doing and doing well can be made obsolete quickly. An interesting observation is that as many as 70% of people have benefitted from chance in their careers. Although we can’t rely on this we can take steps to manage our careers proactively and purposefully.

Increasingly people are seeking out specialist advice in many parts of life – we get accountants to help with our taxes, planners to help with our financial affairs, lawyers, therapists and many other professionals for advice.

Every year more and more people reach out for career direction advice and support. Career Transition professionals are increasingly being sought to provide advice and guidance to navigate the complex sets of career options and direction.

A specialist careers transition professional will get you thinking about developing essentials skills that are key to moving your career to be more agile and purposeful by coaching in areas of:

  • self-awareness
  • thinking strategically
  • self-promotion
  • networking
  • improving skills constantly and continuously
  • be open to chance

At Options Consulting Group, we work with you to develop new pathways that will align to your needs and interests as well as be sustainable over time.

This blog post was written by our Career Transition Specialist, Carl Baverstock.

Carl is an experienced consultant, manager and strategic thinker experienced working internationally with a range of organisations and industries. Carl’s focus is helping organisations and people find the best strategic pathways to improve and sustain their skills though identifying and implementing people-focused engagement to achieve their goals. Carl has worked with people from to C-level executives through to the factory floor and administration desk. He appreciates and understands the issues that are faced in the dynamic environment of the 21st century workplace. He coaches and mentors a wide range of training in topics ranging from career transition and strategy implementation to mental health in the workplace.

For more information about Career Transition services at Options Consulting Group please contact Carl at:

Phone: 0412 941 941