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No Motherhood Statements – Just Facts!

Business leaders are currently reviewing work structures, business strategies and resources to cope with immediate issues of business continuity and with an eye to the future. We have passed through working from home, modified work hours and remuneration adjustment phases and now we’re into redundancy and restructure phase. For the foreseeable future, your employees will … Continued

How an Interim Professional can benefit your Business

In order to sustain a competitive position in today’s business environment companies need to embrace both technology and challenge conventional Human Resource traditions to create a workforce which includes interim professionals and executive leaders as part of their resourcing strategy.   Supplementing key staffing numbers with Interim Professionals allows daily business processes to continue with … Continued

OCG Covid-19 Update

We having taken the following actions to ensure continued service to both our clients and candidates during these unforeseen times:   Our Consulting team is working remotely. We are connected and informed via our cloud based systems. Our team is accessible via the switchboard number (03) 9693 9300 and each consultant’s email and mobile number … Continued

Explore your next Interim Role with Options Interim Solutions

Australian employment trends are accelerating towards flexible work conditions; the ABS reports independent contractor numbers have surged to 11.2% of total employment. With the ever changing employment trends, more people than ever are looking at short term opportunities and future work scope. According to the Australian Business Review, more than 33% of the Australian workforce will be … Continued

The Importance of Awareness in Business

“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes “What … Continued

30 Year Anniversary

The start of the new decade marks 30 years since Options Consulting Group’s establishment. Firstly, Options Consulting Group would be remiss not to thank everyone who has supported us during this time. Without you this achievement would not have been possible.   Australian business has vastly changed over the three decades. During this time the … Continued

How does a flexible workforce benefit your business?

By managing a flexible workplace, your business can: MITIGATE RISK CONTROL EMPLOYMENT COSTS MANAGE BOTTOM LINE RESULTS Australian employment trends are accelerating towards flexible work conditions; since 2013, the ABS reports independent contractor numbers have surged to 11.2% of total employment. Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report indicates that eight out of 10 respondents believe demand for skills … Continued

Important, Spontaneous Adventure

I recently embarked on a spontaneous adventure; a spur of the moment trip which at first, seemed impractical. I was inducting a new employee, a new financial year was upon us and I wanted to ensure my team was set to meet their business challenges and objectives. Relying on a philosophy that business performance is … Continued

Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are creative, optimistic, energetic and impatient with ambitious and high expectations of their business enterprise and of the people they employ – but are they the most proficient leaders of people. Impatience and high expectations usually manifests in poor internal communication, delegation, support and lack of clarity around accountability, authority and performance, leading to … Continued

Be Aware

People are receiving unsolicited sales calls from an entity using the name Options Team. This is not in any way associated with Options Consulting Group. To identify the caller, receivers are using Google and entering Options team –  “our team” is a lead in reference to staff working at Options Consulting Group ONLY – AND … Continued