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Can’t Find Good People – It’s a Tough Market

It’s a fact, the current talent shortage is hampering most industry sectors.  A closer look reveals critical shortages are not just limited to production or hospitality, they also exist in office staff & support roles across sales and accounting positions.  Our opinion is this situation will prevail for at least the next 18 – 24 … Continued

An Optimistic Industry

Manufacturer’s Monthly latest report (April 5th) articulates the broad sentiments of the industry and highlights key findings from the inaugural CommBank Manufacturing Insights report. The report suggests that the next 12 months for the industry will be full of vigour, with 58 % of all manufacturers expect revenue to rise with the majority (53%) expecting … Continued

Promising Signs

On the 1st of March the Australian Industry Group published its Monthly report addressing the Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI). Innes Willox, Chief Executive of Ai Group states, “Australia’s manufacturing sector edged back into expansion during February… point[ing] to further strength over coming months.” Looking at the numbers four of the six manufacturing … Continued

The employment landscape is on a steep tilt!

The employment pendulum has shifted to a candidate driven market and we believe it is important for our candidates to understand that whilst it is enticing, accepting a counteroffer is not always the best choice. In the past 24 hours, our consultants have dealt with numerous candidates accepting counter – offers ranging from a 15% … Continued

When flexing your workforce means severing employment

Now more than ever organisations need flexibility to respond to ever evolving challenges. The horizon for long term strategies is shortening and decisions need to be made quickly. Changes to supply chains, manufacturing schedules, and expertise requirements are all part of the management decision matrix. Flexibility on the people side is never easy – finding … Continued

We aim to be your partners, not your suppliers

BANG! What was then – is definitely not now. COVID has presented many challenges to the business world. This pandemic has impacted operations and has forced us to change the way we think and function. In essence if your employment was maintained and supported through the trials of forced closure you are most likely repaying … Continued

Take stock of your leader’s mindset

Mindsets play an important role in “what we believe” and “what we do”, so this is a good place to start any leadership journey. Thankfully, mindsets continue to evolve over-time through our learnings and experiences, so there is always opportunity to take stock or reflect on the best mindset we should bring to leadership work … Continued

Career Transition in the Modern World

As little as 40 years ago people rarely changed careers or employers. Today the old corporate career ladder is rapidly morphing into a more latticed approach to career progression. Careers are not seen as separate from our lives. People are increasingly aligning careers and lifestyle choices when making decisions. The pandemic has accelerated this move … Continued

Background Checking for Pertinent Information

Background checking is a key stage in the recruitment process. When considering this task, the recruiter must ask themselves; “What am I really looking for and who is best suited to conduct the background check?”. This is when the potential employer reaches out to the candidate’s previous employer(s) seeking to establish alignment and suitability to … Continued

Balance your human resources with business plans

Navigating your business through the foreseeable period has never been more challenging or crucial. The balancing act is to retain your key people, increase or improve connection with your client base, maintain productivity and efficiency and deliver your plan. Having a detailed Human Resources workforce plan will enable you to identify and manage issues such … Continued