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Headhunter, Executive Search or Recruitment Consultant?

Why try to distinguish between Head hunter, Executive Search and Recruitment Consultant?
It’s 2016 and anyone worth their salt in the recruitment industry uses their own database of candidates – OCG has over 80,000 registered candidates because we’ve been building and managing our database since 1996 – and a variety of other candidate sourcing strategies including Search all rolled into a total solution for their client.
OCG has an “extra” step too. We are founding members of the Australian arm of NPA Worldwide Recruitment Network   – this means we have partners/members in all states of Australia, New Zealand worldwide worldwide who can assist with their database of candidates in addition to our own sourcing strategies.
In today’s constant search for “appropriate talent”, candidate sourcing is not a competition between strategies, rather it’s about working with a Trusted Advisor/Business Partner who understands the nuances and employs the right combination – a partner with a demonstrable record of successfully filling roles on spec, to budget, on time, AND has a strategy for supporting the first 12 months of on- boarding, induction and performance.
After 26 years in the highly competitive recruitment industry recruiting Executive, Professional and Technical positions, we know what’s required to achieve the best outcome for all concerned – after all it’s all about delivering appropriate solutions.