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Covid-19 is an unprecedented event and creating uncertain times for all. The business implications and impact on general morale is unique for each business however there are 3 distinct groups of employees in need of targeted support, namely:

Those asked to work reduced hours, work remotely, take an income reduction

  • Counselling and Wellbeing Coaching

Those taking redundancy

  • Tailored support programs aimed at equipping individuals with a positive outlook, effective plans and techniques for a return to work

Those identified to remain with the organisation

  • You have retained this group to produce your business results. The transition back to “normal” is unpredictable and will require a refreshed business message re-establishing your culture, performance expectations and creating renewed buy-in from all. This is critical to on-going sustainability.


Options Consulting Group can help navigate your business challenges.

While unfortunate, redundancies for some businesses are inevitable.

  • Outplacement and Career Transition services will support your employees through their journey to re-employment. Supporting your ex-employees in this way benefits the reputation of your business through the advocacy of your alumni.

If you need to increase your talent resources in the near term.

  • Interim Solutions Division can immediately provide Executive, Professional, Technical and Support people to address your evolving demands.


Contact Options Consulting Group on 03 9693 9300 for further details on these and other Options Consulting Group services designed to support your business. Alternatively, email:

Interim Solutions – Claire Fitzpatrick

Career Transition and Outplacement – Carl Baverstock