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I'm optimistic, are you?

Let me state from the outset I’m no economist just a long-time SME business owner, married father of 4; 3 working part-time whilst at University, 1 working in a full-time role and wife works part-time.

The immediate impact of last night’s budget announcement was thank heavens we’re starting to think big again, investing in the future, creating “real jobs”, attempting to achieve positive outcomes for all and within the constraints of projected revenue – sounds an awful lot like my household or business budgeting process.

So what if I have to curtail or redirect some of my spending in the short-term – if the end goal is worth the sacrifice then damn it, do it!

Listening and reading the reactions today from those who apparently know what they’re talking about (how often do economists get their forecasts right) I’m so disappointed with the cynical commentary and words of “whack”, “slug” “hit” to somehow describe and characterise the effect of the budget strategy.

I’m tired of the adversarial nature of Australian politics. I want to hear how the national interest and ipso facto my interest can be best served and I expect a positive, collaborative approach to achieving the end game.

Have you ever seen a WINNING rowing 8 NOT in harmony and going in the same direction?

Options Consulting Group conducted an industry survey before the budget announcement and preliminary results indicate:

  • Business is currently tracking better than this time last year
  • Business is looking to increase headcount in 2017-18
  • And typical headcount turnover is less than 10%

I’m no economist but all this adds up to an exciting period ahead with great prospects for my business and household so I’m ready and willing to give the budget a thumbs up.

John Gilbert

Owner, Options Consulting Group